Wednesday, January 10

Barley Browns :: Business Lifestyle

I've been sitting in Barley Brown's booths for over 15 year now. It's my favorite place in town on any night of the week or weekend; and I don't think it's just those of us that have frequented these seats that feel at home or cozy here, people travel from all over to enjoy their award winning pints and quickly enjoy the friendly, small-town socializing that's only the next barstool away. 

Here's a look into a Friday A.M. on the brewing side, followed by Friday P.M. at the Brew Pub and Tasting Room. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 26

Sweet Wife Baking :: Small Business Lifestyle

Before many of us pastry loving fans even open our eyes on Sunday mornings, she's hard at work. In fact her crew has been measuring, mixing, proofing, rolling, wrapping most of the week. Jenny's kitchen is run like a team, each player has a part, including the dish pit. Without one, the whole doesn't perform at its best, but collectively they look like they've been playing in the kitchen together for a long time. The results are unquestionable. From intentionally selected ingredients, precise measurements repeated for exact results every-time, careful attention, and quality always being a priority, come the tastiest treats in all of Eastern Oregon. Enjoy the story starting on Sunday AM and working our way to the beginning of the week.